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Dental Implants with Veneers by Dr. Habib Zarifeh

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Steps of Dental Implants with Veneers

By Dr. Habib Zarifeh


We all want to have that perfect Teeth, but somehow there is always that one obstacle that  stands before us to reach our dreams. Today with Dental Implants Lebanon all your obstacles are removed and you have a smooth Path to reach that Dream, that Perfect smile.

For Example you want to have a beautiful Veneers teeth, but you have an Implant !!! Have no worries, with Dental Implants Lebanon we always have a way to get around the Obstacles. 


Removal of Old Implant
Removal of Old Crown


Here In the above picture you can see an old Implant. Since the patient decided to have a Veneers, we should remove the old implant and replace it with a new one so that the Implant color matches with the other teeth,which will be Veneers.

After the old Implant In removed and replaced
After the old Implant Is removed and replaced

As you can see in the Above picture, the old Crown is removed and the Implant shows.  On this Implant a new Zirconium Crown is replaced.


The Final Form after the Removal of the Old Implant and the replavement of the New one.

The Final Form after the Removal of the Old Implant and the replacement of the New one.


Finally, you can see in the above image that the crown is replaced and the Veneers are cemented on the Teeth in a Nice, Smooth and Beautiful way.


Now you have no Excuse not to Smile in a confident way !!!

Dental Implants Lebanon always Have the Solutions to your Slightest Problem !!!

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